This page contains the terms and conditions for membership plans offered by Jaya Bakti.

Jaya Bakti offers different membership plans with different benefits. A list of currently available plans can be found on the following page: Membership plans

Website Terms & Conditions

The membership terms and conditions are an addition to the general terms and conditions found here: Terms & Conditions.


Please read our Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy.


Customer can manage their contact details, renew, and cancel plans through the Manage Membership page.

Membership Savings

Some membership plans may offer savings on products when shopping at The discount rates and applicable product categories will be listed on the membership listing page. The savings applies to all products in the mentioned category except in the following cases:

  1. Products that are on sale/promotion
  2. Products that belong to one of the excluded categories (listed below)
  3. Products that belong to two or more categories with different discount rates. In this case, only the lowest discount rate will be applicable.

The membership savings is only valid when placing orders online through The savings will not be applicable for in-store purchases at any of our outlets.

The savings are intended only for individual use and not for business/reseller/wholesale use. Misuse may result in the termination of the membership plan and the cancellation of related orders.

The customer must be logged in to their account during checkout for the savings to be applicable. The total savings for each product will be visible on the product page, cart, and checkout and labeled as Member Savings. The price for the product will automatically include the savings. No additional steps are necessary from the customer.

Jaya Bakti may amend the membership discount rates at any time without prior notice. Such amendments will be immediately visible on the membership listing page.

Payment & Renewal

Customers can subscribe to a membership plan using any debit/credit cards, FPX online banking, or through various e-Wallets. Availability of payment methods may vary based on the membership plan.

The membership plans are automatically renewed, when possible unless canceled through the Manage Membership page. The customer is responsible for canceling the membership plan at least 48 hours before its expiry to ensure the plan is not auto-renewed.

For membership plans where auto-renewal is not possible, customers can renew the plan manually through the Manage Membership page. The plan can be renewed any time before its expiry.


All payments related to membership plans are final and no refund will be provided for such requests.


Currently, changing plans during the membership period is not allowed. However, if a customer chooses to upgrade their membership plan, they may contact Jaya Bakti by WhatsApp.

Kuil Membership Terms

This section is only applicable to the Kuil Membership plan.

Kuil Membership plan offers a membership card and Kuil magazines which will be delivered to the customer’s active address. This plan is currently only available in Malaysia.

There will be a total of 8 magazines delivered throughout the year. Generally, the magazines should be posted on the first week of the following months: January, February, April, June, July, September, October and November.

Only customers with an active membership plan before the beginning of the first day of the month will receive a magazine for that month. Customers who subscribe to a membership plan after or on the first day of the month will start receiving their magazine the following month. For example, if a customer subscribes to the Kuil Membership plan on the 4th of April 2023, they will receive Kuil magazine on June 2023, July 2023, September 2023, October 2023, November 2023, January 2024, February 2024, and April 2024.

Jaya Bakti will adhere to this schedule to the best of its efforts, but it makes no guarantees on exact posting dates or delivery times as they may vary based on various factors.

Customers can update the delivery address details anytime by going to the Manage Membership page. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their address up to date, and Jaya Bakti will not be liable for sending the magazines to an old/invalid address provided by the customer.

Customers who subscribe to Kuil Subscription are eligible for a Kuil Membership Card. The card will be sent to the customer with the first Kuil magazine following the schedule above.

Excluded categories

The following categories are excluded from membership savings:

  • New Arrivals
  • School Textbooks
  • Kuil Magazine
  • Clearance Sale
  • Clearance Sale 2.0


Jaya Bakti shall have the right to modify, update or amend the terms of the Membership Terms at any time by placing the updated Membership Terms on the Website. Jaya Bakti will also inform active subscribed members of any major changes/amendments to the Membership Terms by email at least 14 days before it comes into affect.

By continuing to subscribe/renew your membership or by continuing to use membership related services following the modifications, updates or amendments to this Membership Terms shall signify your acceptance of such modifications, updates or amendments.

This page was last updated on April 2, 2023.