Since 1976, Jaya Bakti serves quality books for school children. In 1980, Jaya Bakti was formed as a Sdn. Bhd. company. Jaya Bakti publishes teaching aids, reading materials and many other products to help students and teachers to enhance their knowledge with additional reading materials.

In 1980, Jaya Bakti published its first book, “Seri Setia Alam” in Malay. Eventually, the first Tamil Book “Kurangin Payan,” was published the same year.

In 1988, Jaya Bakti participated in the first national-level display held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Since then, Jaya Bakti has conducted exhibitions every year in all states and the final one at the year-end at its HQ.

In 1992, Jaya Bakti published the first student Tamil magazine in Malaysia named “KUIL” to promote reading habits among Indian children, which were comparatively less than other races. The magazine printed and sold 3000 copies in its first month, with its highest number of copies selling 45,000 issues per month in 1995. 

Besides publishing textbooks for primary and secondary schools and other teaching aids, Jaya Bakti also focuses on social services and charity for schools, associations and other community-based programmes.

Besides that, Jaya Bakti also allows local writers to publish their written materials. To recent date, reference books, motivational stories and many other books have been published and received overwhelming support from our readers. 

In 1994, Jaya Bakti, alongside RTM Minnal FM, hosted UPSR Kelvi Medai (Quiz competition) for Year 6 School Students. The Quiz was aired on MinnalFm. UPSR Kelvi Medai was conducted for over 10 years now. 

In the same year, Jaya Bakti started to provide hostel facilities for students who travel to Kuala Lumpur. Charges of RM 1.00/ each person were made for the school students, teachers and parents. 

In 1996, Jaya Bakti hosted the first National Level Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students. The First year Kuil Vizha was opened by our Former Minister, Tun S Samy Velu. It is a self-funded event where Jaya Bakti provides 100% contribution to conduct the event. Around fifteen to twenty thousand students participate every year altogether. The Winners were awarded Cash Prizes, Book Vouchers, Books, Gifts, Certificates and medals. In 2021, the 16th Year Kuil Vizha was held online for the first time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The event was published online, collaborating with the celebrity Mugen Rao.

In early 2010,  Jaya Bakti launched its website and entered the online business. Jaya Bakti was one of the first few book companies to enter into the online business. However, online sales boosted in the 2020s. As of 2022, we have over 12,000 titles online. Besides our website, we sell books on other online platforms like Shopee and Lazada.

In 2012, Jaya Bakti was awarded The Best Publisher Award by The Oxford Centre for Excellence of the United Kingdom. Jaya Bakti is proud to be the only Tamil Publisher to receive this award.

By 2015, Jaya Bakti had published over 10,000 titles in Tamil, Malay and English. Jaya Bakti has the Largest Tamil Book Showroom in Asia and is the largest publisher/ distributor in Malaysia.

In 2019, Jaya Bakti received the Certificate of Excellence of Outstanding Global Leadership Award from the Indian Institute of Economic Studies. 

In 2022, Jaya Bakti published Ponniyin Selvan Novel in Tamil. This historical fiction is the first ever Ponniyin Selvan version published outside India. The Book Launch was held at TGV Cinemas, i-city, alongside the Movie Premiere of Ps-1 and was launched by Datuk M Saravanan and Datuk Durai Singam, Chairman of Lotus Five Star. 

In the same year, Jaya Bakti was honoured for 30 Successful Years of Kuil Magazine by The Lotus Five Star Group.

Jaya Bakti strives to be a well-known publishing company for teaching aids. Besides publishing quality teaching aids, Jayabakti aspires to help the national book industry to develop and produce a community parallel with the country’s endeavours. Our mission is to deliver consistently and systematically the books and teaching aids to schools and social associations to help increase the level of education through continuous effort.

In 2023, Jaya Bakti is stepping into its 47th year successfully. Jaya Bakti owes its success to its staff, suppliers, distributors, customers, teachers, students, parents, and everyone on the journey.


Our mission is to deliver consistently and systematically the books and teaching aids to schools and social associations to help increase education through continuous effort. 


To Know Everything, Read Everyday.

Reading is like Breathing.


Our vision is to fulfil students’ needs by publishing and delivering teaching aids.